neither here nor there

Sutton Projects, Melbourne 
‘neither here nor there’ is a collaborative installation by artists Guy Grabowsky, Kiah Pullens and production and lighting designer Ashley Buchanan, created in response to Sutton Projects’ secondary function as an artwork storage facility. The installation draws on this environment to examine photography’s ability to document and archive, scrutinize expectations and dependency on the medium, while questioning its capacity to warp our perception of time. Bringing together sculptural interventions and abstract imagery, with the materials and aesthetics of construction, ‘neither here nor there’ convertas Sutton Projects into a quasi-dilapidated space that resembles a building site, or archaeological dig; a liminal zone that is either falling apart or coming together.

neither here nor there is an official exhibition of PHOTO 2021 International Festival of Photography


Broken and wrecked 2021
framed hand printed silver gelatin fogged photographic print with mixed media
105 x 133 cm

(Install image)

From a dark place 2015 - 2021
bulk bag with photographic test strips photographic print
dimensions variable

(Install image)

From a dark place is a collaborative soft sculpture created by myself and Kiah Pullens. It comprises a combination of Pullens’, along with my own, C-type photograph test strips, which we have each collected over the course of our practices, dating back to 2015. The test strips have been placed in a bulk bag which I have cut into to create holes.

Photography has archived an almost infinite amount of images and photographs. Some are selected to be shown, while others are destroyed and suppressed, (“the poor image”).

This soft sculpture is an extension of my work in the studio and the lab. These are the places where photographs are produced, but also tested, transformed, rejected, reprinted and destroyed. Many of the works I create are predominantly about the processes through which they are produced; process is crucial to my practice, not just as a method of production, but also conceptually. This comes from years of experimenting in the darkroom, honing my craft. From a dark place stands as a symbol of process, and the accumulation of rejected images that assemble along its path.

Crystal Chain 2021
resin cast chain
dimensions variable

(Install image)

Neither here nor there 2021
film transparencies on lightbox
dimensions variable

(Install image)

Neither here nor there is a collaborative floor sculpture by myself and Kiah Pullens. It comprises a series of images captured on 120 film depicting documentation of the exhibition in the gallery in which it was held.

This work can be viewed as an analogy detailing a meta commentary and contemplation on photography’s ability to document/archive and what effects this has on how the viewer “looks”…

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