Guy Grabowsky is a Melbourne-based artist working with analogue photography. Grabowsky’s interest lies in the photographic medium – all aspects of its evolvement, its role in our shifting realities, how it ‘looks’ at us and how we perceive its usefulness. Grabowsky  creates photographic prints with and without the camera, also utilising scanners with unconventional and traditional analogue/digital techniques. Negatives are treated as found objects; the original narrative behind the moment of capture becomes irrelevant. Through intervention Grabowsky emphasises the sensual, ephemeral and textural qualities of the photographic print’s surface – how this manipulation can alter people’s expectations and perceptions of what the words ‘photograph' or ‘image’ mean. The work often tests Grabowsky’s perception of an unstable reality often present in the ubiquitous image. In Grabowsky’s work this ambiguous response continually evolves—the hand is present, causing destruction to reveal a new authenticity, a new Image.

Here each work embodies two components: the image itself, plus the reflection, or thinking about the photographic medium.

Guy graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts (2017) and BA Fine Art Honours (2018).

Guy has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions throughout Melbourne and has been a recipient of a number of prizes, including the Plumm Wine Glass awards (2018), Mount Buller Residency (2017) and the Fiona Myer Award (2017).

Selected Exhibitions
Spring 1883 Art Fair, Alpha60, Chapter House Lane; exhibiting with Hayden’s Gallery
10 Year Anniversary Show, STATION
Earth Rots Underfoot, COMA
neither here nor there, Sutton  

Deep Breakfast, Hayden’s
Symbionts, STATION

Glass Eye, Lon Gallery
Image Reader, Centre of Contemporary Photography
Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship, Margaret Lawrence
Process of Making, West Space
Develop, Monash Gallery of Art


Beyond the Veil, Blindside Gallery
Untitled Spaces, Kings Artist-Run
"Yet Another Image", Bus Projects

Bearbrass Collective
Joyce Nissan Collection
Myer family collection
Melbourne University George Paton collection
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